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Where is Gay Marriage Legal?

Where is gay marriage legal? That is the first question you need to ask yourself as a gay or lesbian couple that want to further deepen your love, dedication and bond with one another.

You want to vow to be there for better or worse, til death do you part and you want the world to know about it! (Ok maybe just family and friends, but you don't care if the world knows about it!)

Ultimately, you want to get MARRIED! Is it legal in your state? Where is gay marriage legal in your country? Let's find out.

Where is Gay Marriage
Legal in the U.S.?


Gay Marriage is Not Legal in California Any Longer
Proposition 8, which is a measure that bans same-sex marriage, passed on November 4, 2008. 52% of California voters voted to pass this discriminatory bill despite the Supreme Courts ruling that banning gay marriage is unconstitutional.

Gay marriages in California are being halted at this time while the Supreme Court hears more from both sides of the case. They are expected to make a final ruling by March 2009.

Please stay with us on this as we're sure this is not over. You can get updates by subscribing to our site and you can also check the No On Prop 8 site for updates as well.


Connecticut's Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriages on October 10, 2008. Let's check out how you can get a same-sex marriage in Connecticut!


As of right now, there are only a few states in the United States that allow gay marriage. Massachusetts was the first state to legal same-sex marriage.

I think it's kind of cool that Massachusetts was the first state to allow gay marriage thus far in the United States since it has so many beautiful locations, especially the ever popular Provincetown and Martha's Vineyard. They'd make an awesome gay honeymoon destination, don't you think?

Here is how you can get your gay marriage in Massachusetts started.

"Where is gay marriage legal in the U.S.?" Let's say it all together now. Ready? Set? Go! MASSACHUSETTS!!!!


How fitting is it that the first state to allow civil unions to same-sex couples now officially offers same-sex couples the right to marry!

As of September 1, 2009, you are allowed to have a same-sex marriage in the lovely state of Vermont. The Vermont Senate and House actually over-rode Governor Jim Douglas' veto of the bill. This act made Vermont the first state ever to enact marriage equality through legislative action.

Let's see how you can have a same-sex marriage ceremony in Vermont.

What States Allow
Civil Unions in the U.S.


One of the first states people thought of for the longest time when asked where is gay marriage legal in the U.S.? was usually California. That is because Cali is known as the "gay capital of the world," yet gay marriage only became legalized in California in May of 2008.

California still does however, have a Domestic Partnership Law.

Not interested in a Domestic Partnership? Subscribe to this site and we will keep you up to date and let you know if the Supreme Court rules in favor of California gay marriage again.


It's important to note that as of October 1, 2010, civil unions will cease to exist in Connecticut as same sex couples will be married instead. All current civil unions will automatically be converted to marriages.

Connecticut offers their same-sex couples the ability to partake in Civil Unions. Plus, in Connecticut you do NOT have to be a resident in order to obtain a civil union license!

All the steps residents and non-residents of Connecticut need to take to "make it official" can be found here.

Connecticut also allows same-sex couples to marry per a Supreme Court ruling in October 2008!

District of Columbia

The District of Columbia has been on the ball for a while in regards to same-sex relationships. They have approved Domestic Partners since 1992, but they didn't officially go into effect until 2002. In 2006 some more amendments were added. There is so much to the domestic partnership in D.C. now that you almost want to say D.C. has gay marriage if asked "where is gay marriage legal in the U.S.?"

Out-of-staters can also get a domestic partnership certificate from D.C. Remember to support the states that support same-sex commitments. Plan your awesome gay or lesbian honeymoon in the District of Columbia.

Here's how residents and non-residents of D.C. can get their domestic partnership certificate.


Aloha. Beautiful Hawaii....alot of people are misinformed when it comes to Hawaii and the legality of gay marriage. They think it's legal there. But in actuality, same-sex marriage is not legal in Hawaii, however they do have a form of Domestic Partnerships. It is called Reciprocal Beneficiary Relationships. So, once again remember, the next time someone asks you "Where is gay marriage legal in the U.S.?" You know NOT to include Hawaii!

Click here to find out how Hawaii residents and non-resident same-sex couples can register their Reciprocal Beneficiary Relationship.


Maine is another state that does not have legalized gay marriage but it does in fact offer it's same-sex couples the ability to have a Domestic Partnership.

Here's how you can register your domestic patnership in Maine.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the newest states in the U.S. to allow civil unions for gay and lesbian couples.

If you're interested in a civil union in New Hampshire click here for the steps that you and your partner need to take to accomplish this exciting task!

New Jersey

October 25th, 2006, A ruling was made in the New Jersey Supreme Court. They have ruled that same-sex couples are entitled to the same rights as heterosexuals in New Jersey. Now it's up to the lawmakers to decide if they want to call it a "marriage," a civil union or what have you. Lawmakers have 180 days to come up with something. We WILL keep you updated.

December 14th, 2006, New Jersey Senate and Assembly approved legislation that allows gay and lesbian couples to have civil unions. This bill gives gay and lesbian couples all of the same state rights as traditional married couples, but falls short of using the word "marriage."

Congrats to the Garden State for being yet another state in the United States to KNOW that love does not see gender.

Click below for more information on civil unions in New Jersey.

If someone asks you "where is gay marriage legal?" can say NEW JERSEY proudly! Of course let them know that they are referring to it as a "civil union" however.


While Oregon doesn't have a full-blown civil union or gay marriage they do offer their residents a Declaration of Domestic Partnership as of February 2008. This is definitely a start for this state and offers some wonderful benefits to same-sex couples there.

The Oregon Family Fairness Act was passed in 2007 but the law, which allows domestic partnerships, didn't officially go into effect until February of 2008.

But now that it's a go, let's find out how you go about getting your Domestic Partnership in Oregon.


Vermont has been allowing civil unions between same-sex couples since 2000. As of September 1, 2009 however, Vermont now recognizes same-sex marriage!

A great thing about a Vermont civil union is you do NOT have to be a resident of Vermont to get one there. This makes for the perfect opportunity to officially commit to your life-long partner and have a wonderful romantic honeymoon at a quaint bed and breakfast in Chester or an awesome skiing spot like Stowe!

Here's how you can get the process started in regards to your civil union in Vermont! By the way, Vermont civil unions are given all the same state rights as a spouse in a marriage in Vermont, so when someone asks "where is gay marriage legal in the U.S.?" It almost seems like you should mention Vermont! By all means refer to it as a Vermont Gay Marriage, but please know that "marriage" is not the legal term there....a civil union is!

Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island itself does not allow civil unions or gay marriage, however a recent court ruling states that same-sex couples of Rhode Island can marry in Massachusetts.

Here is how you can get your gay marriage in Rhoad Island (Massachusetts) started and find out all of the necessary steps.

What Some Other
States are Doing?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah, as a state, considers marriage a union between a man and woman only and approved a state constitutional amendment stating such.

However, in Salt Lake City, Utat they have available now what is called a Mutual Commitment Registry. This is nothing like a same-sex marriage or civil union or domestic partnership, but it is at least something.

Find out what the Mutual Commitment Registry is all about and how to get registered today with your partner.

Where is Gay Marriage Legal
in Other Countries?

So, you don't live in the United States, huh? Well you just may be in luck than. As a U.S. citizen, it's sad for me to see that we're far behind with giving human rights to our citizens but other countries are very in tune with giving human rights in regards to same-sex partners. I think it's downright pitiful that we even have to ask "where is gay marriage legal" here in the U.S.

So, kudos to the following countries below for knowing that "2 Adults in Love" is just that......2 adults in love.

The Netherlands

Same-sex couples in the Netherlands have been allowed to participate in marriage ceremonies since 2001. The Netherlands were actually the 1st country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.


Right behind the Netherlands was Belgium. They became the 2nd country in the world to legalize gay marriage in 2003.


Hola! (yes, that's about the extent of my spanish.) Spain has been offering civil unions since the early 1990's, BUT in 2005 same-sex marriage was finally legalized in Spain.


Same-sex marriage was officially legaized across Canada in 2005. Prior to it becoming legalized across the entire Canadian country, there were Provinces within Canada that had legalized gay marriage since as early as 2003.

South Africa

South Africa actually doesn't allow same-sex marriage yet, but the Constitutional Court did rule unanimously in December of 2005 to legalize gay marriage. South Africa has 1 year to enact legislation legalizing same-sex marriage or the courts decision will just go into effect.

What Other Countries
Allow Civil Unions?

There are so many places Nationwide that offer civil unions or registered partnerships that we will just list them all here with the year that the law went into effect.

Denmark (1989)

Norway (1993)

Israel (1994) Common-law marriages; same-sex couples included.

Sweden (1995)

Greenland (1996)

Hungary (1996)

Iceland (1996)

France (1999)

Portugal (2001)

Germany (2001)

Finland (2002)

Croatia (2003)

Luxembourg (2004)

Andorra (2005)

New Zealand (2005)

United Kingdom (2005)

Czech Republic (2006)

Slovenia (2006)

Only certain areas recognize same-sex unions within these countries below:

In Argentina-

Buenos Aires and Rio Negro (2003)

In Australia-

Tasmania (2004)

Australian Capital Territory (2006)

Victoria (gives same-sex couples some rights)

Western Australia (gives same-sex couples some rights)

In Brazil-

Rio Grande do Sul (2004)

In Italy-

Tuscany (2004)

Umbria (2004)

Emilia Romagna (2004)

Campania (2004)

Marche (2004)

Veneto (2005)

Puglia (2005)

Lazio (2005)

Liguria (2006)

Abruzzo (2006)

Ok so there you have it. You found out about where gay marriage is legal in the U.S., what states allow civil unions in the United States and you also found out where gay marriage is legal in other countries around the world and what other countries offer civil unions for same-sex couples.

When you are planning your honeymoon, don't forget to ask yourself: "Where is gay marriage legal in the U.S.?" or "Where is gay marriage legal in other countries?" Sure, your union may not be recognized out of state, but still let's remember to:

Support all of the states and countries that give
human rights to ALL HUMANS
regardless of sexual orientation!
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