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Protect Your Gay Relationship

This is the most important page on this site. It is imperative that you protect your gay relationship!

That statement alone is so important that I will repeat it. If you are a gay or lesbian couple living in the United States you:


Now if you live outside of the U.S. there are still some things that you're probably going to want to do as a gay or lesbian couple and you can learn what is necessary in your area by talking to a professional over at our Gay Attorney Services page.

Ok so, U.S. gay and lesbian couples, what are we talking about here? What we mean is quite simple really. No matter where you live in the U.S.; your same-sex relationship has NO legal rights in regards to the federal government.

This means that even if you were to get married in Massachusetts, where same-sex marriages are legal, you will get all of the state benefits of marriage, but you still will be denied any and all federal benefits of marriage.

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Most states in the U.S., however, do not allow for same-sex marriage, or civil unions or even domestic partnerships for that matter. Because of that you must protect your relationship on YOUR own and at your own EXPENSE, even at the state level.

Since the laws vary from state to state it is best for you and your partner to sit down with an attorney in your state that understands and knows the laws in regards to same-sex couples. This is of the utmost importance because you will rely on them to help protect your relationship. Please keep in mind we are not telling you this information to scare you. We are giving you this information to educate you so you can protect yourselves, because your state and your country will NOT do it for you.

Get Active in Your Community and Stand Up for Your Civil Rights

Check out our expert interview with Stacey Sobel from Equailty Advocates PA for ways you can help you and the rest of the GLBT community in your area!

It's pretty easy to make your voice heard and to stand up for your rights when you know what to do. This is a must watch video. (The details and procedures for protecting your rights in this video are for ANY state, not just Pennsylvania.)

The worse thing you can do for your relationship is NOT protect it legally with the appropriate documents. I don't care if you are 30 years old or 70 years old. If you are in a committed, lifelong relationship with someone of the same sex you had best have your last will and testament drawn up along with other necessary documents.

This is not about your age or about how healthy you are, this is about protecting the one that you love and care about. Heterosexual couples don't have to worry about a good portion of these documents because when they get married, their marriage alone takes care of a lot of the legal issues that they may encounter. If you're ready to take action and protect Your relationship then check out Gay Attorney Services page and find a professional that can help you and your partner protect one another.

Remember, don't let your age, your health, money, or anything stop you from getting these documents prepared. They are THAT important and they will also give you peace of mind. (Note: As far as money goes, wills and powers of attorney are not that expensive and if you have to, start saving for these expenses today.)

Actually, while we're on the topic, why don't you find a lawyer right now that can help you Protect Your Relationship! Our Gay Attorney Services page can help you find a professional in your area regardless of whether you are looking for help with wills, trusts, adoption issues, relationship agreements or anything else. It's never too late to start protecting yourself and your relationship.

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