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Gay Wedding Venues

Finding the perfect gay wedding venue or lesbian wedding venue is a crucial step to your gay or lesbian wedding planning. Now remember, you can pick and choose how you want YOUR special day to go, but most couples opt for picking a ceremony location and a receoption location (a good way to save money is to have the same venue for both!)

Something else that I want you to keep in mind is to remember to always have a back-up plan. Have a couple different options where you want to have your gay wedding ceremony and gay wedding reception, because you have no control over the venues schedule and if you plan on a wedding date and then call the venue and they are booked that day, then you need to have a back-up venue in mind!

Gay Wedding Ceremony Venues

A lot of gay or lesbian couples want to have their wedding ceremony at their local church, synagouge, etc.. That may or may not be a problem. It really depends on your particular church or synagouge. What you need to do is to approach your place of worship or any religious venue of interest and tell them that you'd like to have your ceremony there. You will know right then and there if it will be a possibility. Not all religious organizations are ok with gay or lesbian wedding ceremonies. So please, don't be discouraged if they tell you no.

Now if you're like me and you're not the type that is into religious wedding ceremonies....where can you have your gay wedding ceremony or lesbian wedding ceremony? There are plenty of gay wedding venues where you can have your ceremony. How about a local country club? A nice Inn or hotel?

Perhaps you'd like to have your ceremony at a fancy restaurant that is special to the both of you? What about a friend or relatives house that has a nice setting on their property or even within their home? A beautiful place to have a ceremony may be in a park! Maybe a local theatre or performing arts center? One of my personal favorites is the beach!

Did you go to a college or university that had a really elegant looking hall? That could be a possibility as well. Your options are endless. You just have to pick a few gay wedding venues and start talking to them and make sure they are ok with having your ceremony there and then you're on your way to a beautiful, love-filled day that you can remember forever!

Gay Wedding Reception Venues

There are so many places that you could have your gay wedding reception. Seriously, the gay wedding venues for receptions are endless, if you really think about it. A lot of the places you may choose to have your gay or lesbian wedding ceremony you can actually have your gay or lesbian wedding reception there as well!

If you want to have your reception at a different location though, you can perhaps have your reception at your local church that is ok with your gay or lesbian marriage. Btw, one of the churches that I know for certain are very accepting of gay and lesbian unions are the United Church of Christ churches.

Or perhaps you have your reception at your home, a friend or family members home, maybe a nice restaurant or inn? Maybe you have a fancy hotel in your area? That would be a perfect gay wedding venue for your reception.

Your options are literaly endless when you get your imagination juices flowing! And if there is nothing in your immediate area that interests you, then you're just going to have to expand your search distance.

Remember to pick a ceremony & reception location
that are inline with your gay wedding bugdet!!!

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