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Gay Wedding Attire
Lesbian Wedding Attire

If you're anything like I was you're wondering what the heck are you going to wear for your gay or lesbian wedding? (Of course, mine was a lesbian wedding!)

Listen, as you can tell (I'm in the blue shirt in that picture) I'm not the most feminine woman you've ever seen. So, as you might suspect; I'm not into the whole dress thang.

I'm actually, well we both are, pretty casual folks. That's why we opted for a beach wedding. Very casual style. I had on shorts, a rayon shirt and my baby had on a light dress. We went barefoot on the beach.

So, obviously, you can decide what type of wedding you both want and how you'd like to dress. Below are some ideas for you on deciding about gay wedding attire and lesbian wedding attire.

Suits And Tuxedos

First, please know that this is your and your partners day. Do not sress over whether your mom will be upset if you're a woman in a suit or a guy in a dress. Your mom already had her day and now it's YOUR turn for your day, ok?.

So, the above pic is when Kathy and I had a civil union on the beach in New Jersey. This picture that you see here is when we became legally married in Maryland.

Now, our big wedding was in New Jersey in 2011, but when we went to Maryland we just went to the courthouse together, dressed up though as you can see and we became legal. That was 2013.

If you are a gay man or a lesbian looking for a suit or a tux then you can either purchase one or rent one. Tuxedo rental companies are awesome!

Ladies: please keep in mind thought that not all businesses will appreciate the business of a woman looking to rent a tux for herself.

But if you're looking for an awesome place in the Delaware area that would be more than happy to rent a tux to a woman and who will be extremely helpful in making sure that you are fitted properly and happy then I definitely recommend that you check out Matthew's Formal Wear and Tailors or just give them a call at (302) 654-4853 or (302) 654-3159. They are awesome folks! Ask for Barb and make sure that you tell her Carey sent you! This place would be perfect if you live in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and all surrounding areas. They are definitely worth your business!


Another gay and/or lesbian wedding attire option that you have available is to go the casual route.

As you can see from this picture, Kathy and I went the casual beach wedding route. I'm a laid back type of person and I'm just not into throwing lots of money away on 1 day! You know what I mean? I'd rather put that money towards something else. Plus, Kathy was married previously and spend tonssss of money on that wedding, so we were both really into a casual, inexpensive, but beautiful wedding ceremony and reception.

I wore shorts and a button down shirt and Kathy wore a dress. All guests were instructed to wear "beach" attire on their wedding invitations. All in all it was a beautiful day and an extremely affordable wedding and reception.

When you are shopping for casual wedding attire, you can just about go to any store you'd like too. Heck, if you're really on a budget you can even find some great outfits at a Marshalls or TJ Maxx type of store.

Just always remember to keep in mind that this is YOUR special day and it doesn't matter what heterosexual couples do for their weddings and it doesn't even matter what other gay and or lesbian couples do for their weddings.

The only thing that matters is what you and your spouse want to do for your wedding. And if your chosen wedding attire is different then most, then who cares. The wedding isn't for them, it's for you!

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