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Civil Union in Vermont

How do you get one?

A Civil Union in Vermont have been legal since July of 2000. The process is pretty simple and straight (no pun intended) forward.

One of the cool things about a civil union in Vermont is that you do NOT have to be a resident of Vermont to have a civil union there!


Vermont's website says that civil unions in Vermont are quite easy to get for out-of-staters, but they are much harder to dissolve.)

So, you had best be making sure this is a life-long commitment you want to make and you're not just pulling a "Brittney Spears" type of marriage. (Remember the one that lasted what? Like 2 1/2 days or so!)

In order to get your civil union in Vermont underway the following criteria must be met:

  • You must not have a guardian (or if you do, you must have their written permission.)
  • You must be of sound mind (no laughing here when mentioning this to your partner, please! hehehe)
  • You both must be of the same gender. (hmmmm do they really need to tell us THAT one????)
  • Neither person can be married or be a part of a civil union or domestic partnership. If you were involved in any of those commitments you must show proof that it was dissolved.
  • And finally, the all important one that I can't believe has to even be mentioned but in order to get your civil union in Vermont you and your partner can not be RELATED to one another. (Technically though, the Vermont website says you just can't be close relatives. Sooooo, if you really want to marry your 2nd cousin, I guess in Vermonts eyes it's ok. But ummm I don't recommend it!)
  • With all of the above requirements being met you are well on your way to getting your license for your civil union in Vermont.

    You are just 3 simple steps away from having a license for a civil union in Vermont. Now we will go over those 3 steps for you:

    • You must get a civil union license from the town clerk and pay your $23 license fee!
    • -If you live in Vermont, you must go to a town clerk from one of the towns that either you or your partner live in. Both parties do NOT need to be present. Just one signature is required.

      -If you do not live in Vermont, you can go to any town clerk.

    • You must have a civil union ceremony performed within 60 days of getting your license. It must be performed by an official party; i.e. a judge, justice of the peace, member of the clergy, or member of the clergy from out of state as long as they were given permission by a Vermont probate judge to perform the ceremony.
    • The person who certified your union (judge, justice of the peace, clergy member, etc.) must sign and return the license to the town clerk in which you applied for it. They have 10 days to do so (otherwise THEY get penalized.)
    • Congratulations! Once that is done your civil union in Vermont is official!!!! We here at Gay-Marriage-Guide.Com wish you nothing but the best from now until the end of time!

      Don't forget to check out our Vermont Gay Attorneys page to help you with all of the necessities that our federal government won't help you with because they haven't legalized gay marriage yet.

      Remember to check out the awesome gay honeymoon spots in Vermont, especially if you're coming from out of state.

      Our theory is: show your support to a state that allows you and your partner to perform such a ceremony, because most likely your OWN state doesn't allow same-sex unions and that's why you went to Vermont in the first place, right?


      Legal Disclaimer

      We here at provide this legal information as a service to the public. It is not to be considered legal advice. We make no claims that the information is complete nor current. Please seek legal counsel for complete, current legal advice.

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