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Your Gay Marriage Guide
Gay Wedding Information Center

(Also includes: civil unions & commitment ceremonies)

Are you excited as well as nervous about your upcoming gay marriage? Unsure of what steps you need to take next? Well it's time to relax because we're going to guide you through your gay marriage and your gay wedding with ease!

I mean, afterall, this should be a happy time in your lives, right? Not a stressful one!

Here you will find everything you need for your gay marriage and gay wedding including:

gay couple married
  • Learn exactly where gay marriage is legal (civil unions and domestic partnerships too!)

  • Follow our guide to help you plan your gay wedding or commitment ceremony

  • Explore different types of gay and lesbian wedding rings or commitment rings

  • Find the perfect gay honeymoon destination

  • and much, much more.

Same-sex marriage has been a debate for sometime now and it's NOT going to be debated on this site. Why? It's simple. Because this site is about love.

We will help you plan for your commitment to one another.

We will help guide you to your perfect honeymoon destination.

We will even give you the information that you need to help protect your relationship now, until gay marriage is legalized everywhere in the world.

We will do all we can to help the continued growth of your loving and lasting relationship.

Here we know that: Love sees no gender. Two adults in love are just that...two adults in love.

lesbian couple married

Today, your wedding is getting that much closer to becoming reality! Let's get started in answering your questions about making your gay wedding dreams come true!

Wondering if you'll have enough money to plan your gay wedding?

Gay and Lesbian Wedding PLanning:
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gay wedding planning ebook
This ebook is jam packed with money saving tips for your gay or lesbian wedding day. And we're celebrating it's completion by offering it at a discount for a limited time.

For more details and to find the free bonuses that our included go here.
Don't sweat the money issue, seriously. Luckily for you I'm a cheapskate or umm I mean I'm thrifty at heart and I give lots of cost saving ideas to help you plan your gay or lesbian wedding.

So, I promise, money will not be an issue. Regardless of your budget, you'll have a lovely wedding day!

I would never steer ya wrong. Scouts honor (and yes, I really did use to be a girl scout lol) Money saving tips galore throughout this site.

Can You Still Get Married if Gay Marriage is Not Legal?

Of course you can! You can choose to have a ceremony that shows you and your partners commitment to one another regardless if gay marriage is legal in your state or country.

Please keep in mind though that if gay marriage is not legal in your state or country that you won't be considered officially married by the local or federal government.

However, your commitment that you and your partner made to one another during your ceremony will in fact remain REAL and VALID between yourselves and whomever was in attendance. Plus, if you choose to wear wedding rings then even strangers that see you will think that you are "married." Does this make sense?

You don't need the government to validate your commitment to each other in an emotional sense. But if you're looking for the local and/or federal benefits of marriage then that will only happen if gay marriage is legal in your state/province and country.

Since that is not always the case, and it's definitely not the case in the U.S., it becomes imperative that you help protect your own relationship. You can check out our Gay Attorney Services page to help with that important task.

For Gay and Lesbian Couples in the United States of America

This is very important for you to know. Even if you live in a state, like Massachusetts, where gay marriage is legal (or even a state that allows civil unions,) you still are not recognized as married by the FEDERAL government.

So you still will not receive over 1100 federal benefits and rights that heterosexual couples receive when they are married. And you won't be able to file a joint Federal tax return among other things.

It is very important for you to check out our Protect Your Gay Relationship page. That page will show you some ways that you can help protect your relationship, since the Federal government will not do it for you.

Ok now that we got the 2 biggest questions that we get asked the most out of the way it's time to get started. Let's get into planning your gay marriage and your gay wedding! It's time to get excited!

You'll see that we have the different sections of this site listed below and there is also a navigation bar in the upper left section of every page. You can use either way to get to the appropriate section you'd like to on our site.

Check out the links below and click the one that interests you first. And if you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you make your day super special.

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